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Teflon Free
When Teflon pan is overheated the PTFE coating begins to dissociate, releasing PFOA which can cause health issues for human beings.
Nissako non-stick pan, which is coated with nontoxic ceramics, is free of health concerns.
High-tech Ceramic
It is easy to maintain. Both scouring pad and turning shovel are okay to use.
Enhanced Non-stick Performance
Our special pan bottom design is able to reduce the contact surface area between food and pan, enhancing the non-stick performance.
Waved Surface Design
Special “waved” surface raises up foods slightly, producing healthier cooking by draining oils and bloods generated by defrosting.
Delicately Handcrafted
Every Nissako is uniquely handcrafted with a thick pan bottom and a thin pan body, providing greater thermal conductivity and consistency. That’s why Nissako non-stick pan is effective and easy for cooking.
Circular trench design
A circular trench built on the under-side keeps it stable when stir-frying.